Is Fruit Too High In Sugar To Be Included In A Fat Loss Diet? Here’s The Real Truth!

Is Fruit Too High In Sugar To Be Included In A Fat Loss Diet? Here’s The Real Truth!

One of the questions that many people ask themselves as they go about their fat loss diet plan is whether fruit contains too much sugar to be a part of your daily menu.

You already know that sugar is not something that you want as part of your plan. After all, it’s going to cause your blood sugar levels to spike, which will then be quickly followed by a crash that leaves you hungry and wanting more simple carbs.

This cycle can lead to a high period of overeating that will then just have you consuming more calories than you should for weight loss success.

So what about fruit sugar?  Is it any different?

Let’s look at the main things that you need to consider.

The Composition of Fruit Sugar

The very first thing that you need to take into account is the fact that the sugar found in fruit is not pure glucose.  Instead, it’s a combination of glucose as well as fructose.

Fructose, which is the natural fruit sugar, is not going to impact blood sugar levels because it will move directly into the liver for processing.

Therefore, of the sugar that is found in fruit, only about half will go into the blood, potentially cause a bit of a blood spike to occur.

The Fiber Factor

The second reason why you should be consuming fruit in your diet is because of the fiber content.  Fiber is also going to slow the rate of release of the sugar into the blood, so this is another reason why fruit won’t impact you as much as some other sugar laden foods.

Eating a high fiber diet is one of the cornerstones of a successful fat loss approach, so this will be a must for anyone who wants to see clear success.

Fiber is going to help to increase the rate of satiety you feel on a daily basis and will also make sticking with that reduced calorie intake that much easier.

The Calorie Value

Finally, the last thing to note about fruit that makes it a weight loss winner is the fact that most fruits are also incredibly low in calories.

You’re only looking at around 50-100 calories per piece of fruit (or cup), which will hardly put a dent in your daily calorie intake.

So for a quick snack any time you need something sweet and fast on the go, fruit will work perfectly.

If you are really concerned about the sugar content in the fruit, make sure that you pair it with some protein or healthy fats as well.  That will further slow the release of the carbs into the blood, helping to decrease the impact it has on you. I recommend throwing some fruit in the blender with a scoop of Elite Edge Labs Vanilla Protein and a little almond milk.

So there you have the real deal about fruit and your fat loss diet.  As long as you keep your serving size reasonable, fruit is definitely a healthy addition to your plan.

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