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Multi Stage Time Release Protein – Vanilla 5 Serving size

Multi Stage Time Release Protein – Vanilla 5 Serving size

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5 Serving bag of Elite Edge Labs Vanilla Protein

What is different about Elite Edge Multi Stage Time Release protein blend?

Most protein powders fail to deliver results for three simple reasons.

  1. Not Amino Optimized. This simply means they are too low in the amount and ratio of 9 essential amino acids. You must have all 9 amino acids in the right ratio to build muscle.
  2. Less than 30 Grams of Protein. Your body needs 30 grams of protein per serving to trigger protein synthesis.
  3. Low quality. Most protein blends are loaded with Soy and whey concentrate so the manufacturers can sell you a cheaper product and make more $$$.


  1. 30 Grams of Premium Protein: Each serving contains 30 grams of high quality Whey, Casein and Egg White Protein. Research shows it takes 30 grams of protein to trigger protein synthesis.
  2. Ideal Amino Acid Profile: Contains the optimal amount and ratio of all 9 essential amino acids for optimal body composition changes. Including the clinically proven amount of the most important amino acid Lucien required to trigger optimal muscle gain and retention.
  3. Top Optimizing Nutrients: Natural MCT Oil, Digestive Enzymes, low glycemic carbs and 3 top proteins.
  4. Superior Taste and Mixes easily and quickly without clumping.
  5. Multi Stage Time Released: Contains Whey Protein Isolate, which digests quickly within 30 minutes, Egg and Casein protein slow digesting to keep you full and satisfied for hours.
  6. Save Money By Replacing your Breakfast.
  7. Digestive Enzymes to break down and digest easily.

Drinking Elite Edge Multi Stage Time Release protein is like eating a sweet treat that builds muscle and crushes your cravings. With amazing Flavors like

  • Chocolate Peanut Butter Candy Bar
  • Ice Cream Sandwhich
  • Chocolate
  • Vanilla

EE Multi Stage Time Release Protein is Extra Effective IF….

  • You Are On The Go and Need Something Healthy …
  • You Don’t Eat Enough Throughout The Day…
  • You Crave Sweet Sugary Foods…
  • You Are Too Busy To Cook…
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