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Elite Edge Labs Fill -n-Go Funnel. ( 5 Pack)

Elite Edge Labs Fill -n-Go Funnel. ( 5 Pack)

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No More Plastic Bags!

We’ve all been there, trying to move your protein powder from that plastic bag into your shaker and making a mess all over the place. Well, it ends today!

With this ultra-convenient protein powder funnel, dispensing your supplements into a shaker or water bottle will be remarkably easy.

No More Excuses!

Elite Edge Labs has designed this protein powder funnel holder to provide enough room to keep you motivated!

This bad boy is the perfect pre-workout funnel as our large size can hold up to two scoops of that supplement you need to get pumped up.

This protein funnel container is designed using high-grade plastic that will see you through every plateau, and is
100% BPA-free so that you can stay healthy enough to decimate that squat rack. To keep your supplements nice and safe, our funnel for water bottle features a dual-screw cap to prevent any mess.

Elite Edge Labs Funnel benefits include:

– Convenient size to allow for perfect portability.

– Designed to be quick and easy to use.

– 100% BPA-free and high quality plastic.

– Dual-screw cap for extra safety.

C’mon, don’t be that guy cramming huge jars into your gym bag. Click ‘Add to Cart’ now for the most convenient way to get your supplement game on! COMES IN PACKS OF 5 so you can keep one everywhere you need to get your supplements in.
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