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Kids Fit camp Members 90 day Special

Kids Fit camp Members 90 day Special

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Kickstart a Healthy Summer for Your Kids with Elite Edge Kids Fit Camp 🌟🏋️‍♂️

As summer approaches, we’re excited to offer an enriching opportunity for your kids to stay active, learn about healthy eating, and have loads of fun while doing it! Introducing the Elite Edge Kids Fit Camp—a specially designed program that combines fitness with fun and learning for a holistic approach to healthy living.

What is Elite Edge Kids Fit Camp? Our Fit Camp is more than just a summer activity; it's a comprehensive program designed to teach kids the basics of weightlifting, the importance of nutrition, and the joy of physical activity. We aim to set a solid foundation for children to lead happy, healthy lives and develop a positive relationship with exercise and eating right.

Program Details:

  • Days: Monday, Wednesday, Friday
  • Time: 10 AM to Noon
  • Activities Include:
    • Weight Training: Tailored to young learners, focusing on form and fun.
    • Cardiovascular Exercise: To keep hearts healthy and energy high.
    • Nutritional Talks: Interactive sessions that teach kids about balanced eating.
    • Games and Activities: Designed to reinforce learning and make fitness enjoyable.

Why Join Us? Our curriculum is crafted to transform the concept of fitness into a fun, engaging, and integral part of your child’s daily life. Each session is designed to keep them engaged, teaching them not just to view exercise as a chore, but as a fun and beneficial part of everyday life.


  • $499 for the whole summer or $199/ month

Enroll your child in our Fit Camp, and watch them grow into stronger, healthier, and happier individuals. It’s an investment in their future, teaching them life-long habits that will pay dividends in health and happiness.

Spaces are limited, so don’t wait too long! To register, simply reply to this email, or visit our website for more information and registration details. Let’s make this summer a turning point in your child’s health and well-being!

Thank you for considering the Elite Edge Kids Fit Camp. We are excited to be a part of your child’s journey to a healthier lifestyle!

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